Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

 Lots of rain ... and only one Guarda Chuva for Elder Long and I! (division)
 Here comes the thunder!
 Baptism of Sarah!
Baptism of Sarah (2)!

Wow, so this week went by really fast. I can hardly believe it. But, it happened, so I guess I have to. Ha. (Sorry for the lame humor). This last week, Elder Allan was feeling pretty sick, and I wasn't doing to great myself ...  so it wasn't the best week ... but we are anxious to work this week. I also did a division with Elder Long, where it poured rain a dang lot!  There were lots of huge puddles, and even waterfalls coming down stairs. Its pretty cool stuff. I do love a good thunder and lightning storm. This week, Sarah was baptised, and she asked me to baptise her, so that was cool. It went great, and we are excited for her. As for Bruno, we talked to him quickly on the street, and looks like he had family in town, and also that he traveled a little. We have some great leaders here in the branch, and the work seems to be going well. We have some people that are progressing, and we are trying to help people be ready for baptism. I would like to leave a thought from Alma 44:3-4. We need to exercise true faith, and righteous faith in our lives. The Lord will help us in all that we do, and we can receive all the blessings that God wants for us, and we can "prosper in the Land," if we but keep the commandments of God. We may not be in a literal fight, but everyday we have to fight against the servants of the Devil. I hope that all of you have the strength and power this week to overcome your "enemies," and exercise your faith. The Lord blesses the Righteous!  Its as simple as that. I love you all, and wish you all a great week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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