Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011

Well, this week has gone by so dang fast! Holy Cow! Muito Rapido! Its so crazy! I love the mission, best thing ever! Somethings seem very daunting, but I know that the good far outweighs the bad by a long shot. I am so grateful to be serving a mission for the Lord. As for Easter here, its called Pasco, or in English, Passover. There were some bunny decoration and eggs that sold for 50 reals! I didn't buy any, that's definitally out of my price range, ha. They are supposed to be on sale now though. We got lots of extra desert on Easter, but that's about it, which isn't too bad if you ask me. The desserts the past part. Ha. Though I have no idea how, but chocolate got all over my suit. I'm going to get it dry cleaned today. I honestly have no idea, we tried to figure out how, but came up with the conclusion that something strange must have happened. The best part of Easter was receiving my Easter Package from Grandma. It had american chocolate which was delicious! It was so dang good. And we got some of the ´´toys´´ out and played with them too. What little things can entertain a missionary, who boy, its pretty hilarious. We got Brazilian roommates that are dang awesome! Elder Castro and Elder Colheo (or something close to that. It means Rabbit). They dont speak much English, but they are learning from us, and we are learning from them. They are super nice, and we always have a good time. I have a lot of Brazilian friends. One of them says I look like Clark Kent. A Brazilian friend of mine said that all the Brazilians like me because I am always happy and smiling. The Brazilians are just so dang awesome! One of the American Elders I am with, Elder Emerson, got up one night and yelled ´´what?´´ and then sat there and apparently he sleep talks. But hold on, it gets better. The other night he woke up, and pulled open the closet nest to his top bunk on his bunk bed. He then asked if there was someone in the closet, which no person of practically any size could fit into. We asked if he was sleeping and he said no. We checked just to appease him, and there sure wasn't anyone there. It was hilarious. He said he vaguely remembers the night, and yes, he said I could share this story. Elder Emerson is awesome. As for my mission President or President Richardson, I haven't seen them yet. I have decided to read through the Book of Mormon (LDM) again, and I am loving it more than ever. I seriously could read all day and not be tired of it. Its so amazing. My companion and I have talked alot about the Book of Mormon and the stories in it, and It makes me even more excited. While reading through so many good scriptures come to mind, and really its super hard to choose, but I will choose Mosiah 4:19 this week. We are all equal and we all rely on the same God that grants us life. I have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is true! There is no doubt about it. I want to add my testimony to Abinidi, Moroni, and Elder Holland, I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that proves that this church is true, and nothing will shake me from this belief. I love the Book of Mormon and am so glad to share it with the people in Brazil. I encourage everyone to read the Book of Mormon. I know that it is a true Book that testifies of Christ, and I know that Christ is our Redeemer (Redentor) and Savior (Salvador). I love you all so much. - Elder Paxman
PS, I actually wrote the last part in Portuguese first on accident. Ha. And I might send home a package soon. With pictures hopefully. If not, then Ill send some pictures from the Field.

Some questions: Mom, how did you mark your scriptures again? I'm just wondering. Also is there a way to get a spot out of the silk tie? The one that snuck by us all, its been sitting in my suitcase the whole time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20,2011

Oi! Tudo bem? (Everything is good?) I hope so. The weeks really fly by here. Its so crazy, time is pretty distorted. Thanks for Elder Howell´s address, I'm going to send him a letter. Now for the questions: I have no idea if "unicorn milk" is in a box or a can, ha. We just eat it, its in a big pot at the front. But its de-lish-ush! As for Sundays, a missionary from each district gives a talk on Sunday, and so everyone prepares and they randomly select them. Our branch is made of three American districts. Its around 40 total people. As for my shuffle (blue square) its been working great, I get a chance to listen everyonce. I hadn´t heard about Hannah´s mission call to St. Louis, that is super awesome. Im glad our stake is still preparing misssionaries, and singing their hearts out too. Our home stake was trully amazing. And yeah, 50 years seems like a super long time, ha. Congradulations Grandpa & Grandma Newton!  As for gym time, everytime so far, I have played volleyball. Its a blast, I love playing with the Brazillians! I have a lot of cool Brazillian Friends. I'm going to try and send pictures home next week if i can get them developed. Its definitally Humid here, ha. Its nothing horrible, but you will be sweating when you try to go to bed. Its hot, but I love it so far. We always crank up our airconditioning in our classroom since it will be the last time we get to for the rest of our missions. We do do our own laundry, but it doesn´t cost at all, which is super nice. (Heather - I got both your letters, and thank you so much, I have enjoyed reading them. As for lasertag, I have been before, it can be a blast.) I started talking to this elder about where he was from, and Shelly Idaho came up, and I asked him if he knew my roomates, he pointed to his nametag, and he is Kallen Wheelers cousin! Crazines! This is a small world. Also ask Tawni if she knows an Elder Batschi, he is in my district now. Also, I bought new ties that are pretty legit. I want you guys to try to get a Portuguese OLDM (Book of Mormon). That´d be way cool. And as for scripture of the week, I havent had a chance to go over them all, but we had a devotional by Elder Holland, well, a DVD devotional by him. And he used this scripture, Helaman 6:36-37. Its amazing that they went to the worst of the worst types of people to convert them, and ´´utterly destroyed´´ them. Its super cool. I love Elder Holland´s Talks. I love you guys so much. Im loving Brazil! Also, you should check out Son #07 on youtube and see if a handball team of Brazil comes up. My instructor played on the national team, and it sounded brutal. I´ve got to go, But I love you all! - Elder Paxman (Amber, whats this rumor about my letters not getting posted? ha. jk, thanks so much for doing this. I have the best family in the world)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 13, 2011

Thanks for sending one email, its easier that way. Ha. Now to answer questions: The language is going good, we keep trying to challenge ourselves and our learning more and more everyday. Its not by any means easy, but we are progressing. We have lots of room to improve though, ha. I am with a district of American Elders, and lots of them are from my old district. Two more came today, only one is in our district though. We are the loud and obnoxious district, but we are all working on our focus, and progressing along. A lot of the people are from WA, and we know some of the same people. Its crazy, and sometimes we have been to the same place. One from our district is from Renton, Elder Batschi or something close to that. I have started taking daily vitamins and vitamin C´s every other day. I have taken some other meds, but nothing serious or worrysome. And as we were walking around a store here, I saw activia! ha. So its here too, I didnt buy any though. Ha. Durring the day, we do get to go outside, not out of the CTM, but outdoors yes. The gym wwe play in everyday is outside, a lot of the lower floors are outside, just covered. As for outside the CTM, we get to go outside once a week and walk around to neighboring shops and to mail letters and stuff. As for the unicorn milk, its some type of oatmeal, or cream of corn, but we dont know for sure, all we know is that it is good. Irmão Peçanha is younger, im not quite sure how young, but I wouldnt put him past 30. Its his full time job here, and he works a lot. My transfer date is may 16th or 17th. I talked to some missionaries in my mission at the temple this morning. Im so excited to join them. I love the celestrial room, its always good to have a break each week. As for pictures, im still working on a way, I might send home a package with some pictures if i can develop some. My scripture for the week is Moroni 8:16. Its so powerful, we have a huge stress on being bold, and why should we fear man? And Its because of the love we have, which is so powerful. Its the persons eternal salvation were talking about! Durring this week i had an adventure as my companions tooth came out in a piece of candy. It was only his cap, but it was so weird, and i totally thought it was his actual tooth. It happen later in the week too, and he just goes ansd gets it glued back on. Craziness. I would like a little photo, wallet size or so of our family if possible. Also I need Elder Howells adress if possible, thanks. Also, there is talk about BYU- Brazil in the future, that´d be cool. But not for a while. Also, Autumn, you should accept Irmão Mauricio as a friend. (Irmão means brother btw) Also, he knew jeff, and i got a letter from him, and sent one back. I got to go, But I love you all so much! Thanks for the email, until next week. -Elder Paxman

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Brazilians are so dang awesome!

April 1st 2011
I love it here! Its so amazing! I was so glad to be able to talk to you at the airport. I´m glad Pepper was able to sing too, she sounded great We originally weren't going to email until next week, but I talked to the President. He said it made sense since we didn't have our p-day yet this week. I have the same companion that I had in provo, and many from my district are here too. I got called as the district leader agian, and that's exciting. We have two Elders that are not from my original district, they were at Provo, and they both leave before the rest of us do. It is so beautiful here. Its so green and ´´jungley´´ ha. The city is huge! We could barely see it flying in because of clouds, but its really big, and we got to drive through part of it. As for pictures, we aren't supposed to take any except in the CTM on P-day, and I have no way to send them home yet. One cool thing about the CTM is that we can go around the building to the surrounding city and I get to see my area. This is indeed in my area. I'm so excited. I'm home! ha.
The Brazilians are so dang awesome. They are really nice and talented. They snap their fingers and do all sorts of cool tricks. I´ve met so many cool people here. Its amazing. I played volleyball with some that couldnt speak english, and it was a blast. We are trying to understand what they are saying. Its awesome, we are getting better at Portuguese by just being here. I have an amazing teacher named Irmão Anderson Melo. He is hilarious and really nice. Our secretary for the president is really awesome too.
As for food, it actually can be pretty good. I will mostly be surviving on rice here. I wish you could send orange sauce but I dunno how well that would send over anyway. The breakfasts are good, and I'm living.
Also, i will send information on mail and packages, but no packages can be sent to the CTM, only to the field, and ill get them later. Mail takes about one to two weeks, and I will send a letter this Wednesday. Also I will try and send the address in a little bit. I will try and get gloves when I can. I love you all!
-Elder Paxman