Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

 Elder Reis and I
It's a Festa!  Party with the biting of apples hanging from the ceiling!
Wow, time flies. Its already transfer weeks, and we find out tonight about the transfers. Or, just kidding, Presidente just called me right now, and thanked me for the time I served as zone leader, and told me that I would be transferred to a new area. That was unexpected. Anyways, Its so exciting to see so many people that are getting their mission calls back home. A mission is an amazing thing for our lives. This week has been another average week in missionary life, though we have been helping Ricardo and his family a lot. I have already noticed a huge change in Ricardo, and its amazing to see that change. (A mighty change of heart). When we change, it might not all be at once, because this kind of change is a lifelong progress. Ricardo also has another daughter that is eight years old, and I'm sure that he will baptise her soon, as Ricardo also received the Aaronic Priesthood this past Sunday. We are working with there extended family as well, as there are several less actives and non-members that are great people. Their family is crazy, its super funny. We are really trying to expand our teaching pool as well, and find more people that are wanting and willing to progress towards baptism. I'm having a great time on the mission and am excited to be here. This week I will pass along a scripture in Mormon 9:12-14. We, as "men", are impure, and could not enter into the Kingdom of God, but through Jesus Christ we are made clean. Truly it is only through Christ and His sacrifice that everything is possible. If we are keeping the commandments of God, then we will be happy, and we will be restored to happiness. There are no greater blessings than that which God gives us through our obedience. I love you all, and hope that you all have a great week this week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

PS: We lost an hour of sleep the week after conference, as the daylight savings is opposite for us. As for golf courses - I believe that they have a few here, but I have no idea ... They probably aren't in my mission  --  nothing famous that I know of.   As missionaries, we only can do zone activities every 3 months, and normally they are soccer or something similar. We normally stay home and rest on P-Days ...  there isn't too much to do. Sometimes there are hikes or bowling, or something random, but those are rare. I'm sure they have other sports here that people play ... but normally its soccer soccer soccer.

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