Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Paulo, Glaucia and Me
 Elder Wolfe and I
Elder H. Santos and I

So, here comes the big news. I was transferred to the zone of Osasco, and the area of Jaguaré. I am now with Elder Wolfe, who has a little more than six months in the mission. He is super awesome, and things have been going great. He is from Tennessee, and I'm his second companion in the field. I'm getting to know the area, and we are working hard trying to help several families progress towards baptism. And my second day here, I already went to do a baptismal interview in another area, called Jardim Veloso, and stayed there with Elder H Santos. That was crazy being so soon after the transfer, but it went well. In my new area, we live with another companionship of Elders. The other Elders are Elder Nóbrega, and Elder Vazquez. A Brazillian and a Paraguyian (please spell that right for me). This area, is pretty small, and was created into a Branch about two months ago. It'll be super great to work here. There are about 35 active members that go each week for now. There are some really cool members and recent converts here as well. I am really excited to be here, and Elder Wolfe and I are ready to work. The area is pretty normal for Brasil, and has nothing too dangerous, and is a great place to work. We have some elect families like the family of Ivan, Renata, and their daughter Emily. There are several people that are super close to baptism, but havent decided to enter the water yet, and we are working and praying for them. I also heard that I have a package from my family waiting for me tomorrow. I wanted to send home a scripture that is found in Alma 30:44. Its when there is a man that wants to deny God, but we already have had so many witnesses that God really exists. Not only people that believe that he does, and not only the Prophets, but also the World in and of itself testifies that God exists. I also want to bear my testimony that God lives, and that he loves us all, and wants us to return and live with Him. I love you all, and hope you all have a great week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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