Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

 Year of Baptisms ...  and Corintions!  Ha.
 A cool rock and forest
A cool short cut across a log bridge. Otimo Ne? (Awesome isn't it?)  Ha.

IT'S 2012 !!!   Oxe, I don't believe it!  So, first of all, thanks to Clark for allowing me to jump in the lake through a cardboard substitute. That is awesome! I'm glad I could still participate  :-)    And congrats to Amber with Kitt! That's so exciting! Yay! I have another niece! She looks great too. She'll be pretty big when I get back too. Kids grow so fast. So, this week has been a normal week of visiting people and teaching about the Gospel. It's really sad though, when people say they will come, and they don't come to church. Sometimes people just don't understand the importance of going to Church. It truly makes all the difference in our weeks. We did visit several less actives this week too, and we need to get them to feel the Spirit again. The part that is hard for all missionaries is free agency. Sounds funny, but when you know something is good for someone, you really want them to follow and do these things. We can teach and preach all we want, but it's up to them to act, to let the Spirit touch their hearts. As missionaries, we aren't called to convenience anyone, we are here to invite and help. I know that truly the Spirit is the only way we can experience real conversion. We all should seek to let the Spirit into our lives and increase our testimony at all times. So, this week, we celebrated New Years by going to a party, but, we had to leave when everyone was showing up because of our hour to return home. But I did wake up and drink a cup of Mango juice and count down to bring in the new year. Pretty exciting eh? They have tons of fireworks and lots of parties here. I hear that it's one of the biggest holidays in Brazil, though, we were asleep for most of it. Ha. The fireworks were really loud, though we couldn't really see them. Ha. It was good though. Here we go 2012. Let's do it! So, I would like to share a scripture that is in Mosiah 4:30. Yes it's a scripture mastery, but it's scripture mastery because its a good scripture. Ha. We should all watch ourselves and set goals that allow us to improve in the new year. We all can let our spirituality grow in this year, and we should always be willing to let ourselves grow and improve. I know that it is through goals that we make, that we improve and grow. I love you all and wish that you all have an awesome week ...  and set goals that will help you and others to walk in the light. 

Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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