Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 9, 2012

 Salto De Pirapora!  Cool Eh?
 SDP "Close Up"  TOD, ha.
SDP, Mais uma!

Another week passes. Its been good here, and yes, really hot. It's supposed to get hotter too. I think we'll die. Ha. Crazy news from home, eh? Claire's getting married, Amber is moving out, and everyone is growing up. Wow. Ha. I also heard that I have letters and a package coming my way, which is always good news. Ha. I made sweet and sour the other day; my companion said it was good, though he doesn't really like sweet and sour sauce ...   Dad, you would be proud. Storytime... So we were walking on the road and there were some cows on the side just chillin, and I did the famous cow call, and it started running at us. We are lucky it had to cross a street and stopped because of the cars coming. Ha. It was really funny, but the call worked. So this week, we have visited a lot of people, inactives and pesquisadores alike. We had some inactives at church, and some investigators too. That was super good! An inactive even bore her testimony and thanked us. It's so good to see the goodness and happiness that the Spirit brings. We really need to focus and help some people prepare for baptism and find those that our ready. We have some people on date, and we really hope that Naide and Leticia do their part and prepare for the baptism. They are awesome people. I am so glad for the Lords help in all that we do. The Lord is real, and I know that he loves each and everyone of us. We are all brothers and sisters here on this earth, and all therefore, sons and daughters of God. There truly is nothing in this world that will bring our families and all of us closer and more united than the church. The first scripture in the Book of Mormon shows us the importance of family. Our families are the most important units in this life, and we should all do our part to make our homes a heaven on earth. As someone, don't remember who, said, "Heaven should be a continuation of the ideal family home." The Lord loves us and has given all of us families, and as all members of the Church know, or should know, we are all one big family. "United we stand, now and forever more." We should seek to be one with the ones we love and let our love grow for all others. I am so thankful for my family and I love them so much. I wouldn't be the same without them. I love you all so much, and wish you all a great week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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