Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011

 Via Corintians!
Our new shirts.  Oh yeah ... we're cool.  Ha.
 Santa Claus is real.   I know it!
I am loved.  ha. (I actually think there was more than this too. Ha.)

Wow, that was so good to skype home! Yay, I love Christmas. Sorry for my stumbling in English, it's just really weird. Ha. Jk. In reality, it didn't feel too much like Christmas since its super hot, and isn't celebrated like we Celebrate it, but it still was a "day happy." It's so good to remember the Savior in our Christmas season and throughout our lives. Truly we should have so much joy because of the Knowledge that our Savior was born and came into this world. My Scripture of the week is in Alma 19:12-13. We all can experience this same Joy, knowing that our Savior came into this world to overcome sin and death, so that we all have the chance to live again. Thank all of you guys that sent cards or packages to me!  It's always good to hear from all my family and good friends. We had a Christmas conference this week, that went well. We had a white elephant at the end. The Bispo invited us to his house and we were able to do "The Paxman Christmas Eve Program," and that was super good, though I do think its better in English. Ha. This week passed really fast, but it was such a good week. Our Bispo is Bispo Ellison I believe. We are working with four people for Baptisms, including Naide and Leticia, a mom and a daughter who have been taught for almost two years. We'll see if they will be willing and go through with this. We already moved it back once, but we have faith. The other two, we taught the first lesson and they accepted the date. One is a sister of some less actives that we went to visit, her name is Tatiane (Ta-chee-on-ee). The other was found by the other missionaries, but they didn't get a chance to fully teach her, her name is Jucelena. We also really want to focus on going to visit more less active members. I can't believe that its almost 2012. Vaca Santa! (Holy Cow!  --  this really isn't a Portuguese expression by the way) Oxente! (This is, ha) But you know what this new year means?   G oals! As our Bispo said here in our ward, maybe we need to worry less about weight and money, and focus on some spiritual goals too. As for me, that's pretty easy, being a missionary, but we all can improve, and allow ourselves to feel the Spirit more often and with more force. We can do all the little things ...  because the little things make all the difference. Truly we are the only people that can change ourselves. As Michael Jackson said in his song, "If you wanna make the world a better place..." you have got to start with "the man in the mirror."  One minor change in you, could effect a lot more than you think. I love you all, and hope you all have an amazing week.
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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