Monday, December 5, 2011

November 28, 2011

 Baptism! Yay!  Bianca, Maria, and Undressa, us missionaries, and Maria's other two boys
 Me and the two I baptised!
 The forest!  We randomly decided to walk through since many people from the States think Brazil is totally jungle.  Ha.
We went running this morning!  Exciting even though I'm not a fan of running.  Ha.

So, the family gets together, and everyone gets sick again. Sounds like normal. Ha. This week passed by fast too. It's so weird, because it feels like forever ago and yet so little time ago at the same time. The reddish-brown mounds are made by ants and they are all over the place. Its random and crazy. Also, before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! Yay! So, Anderson still hasn't come to Church a second time. Something always comes up. He has been doing well in all the other things though. The mysterious man is crazy. We taught him two more times and he pulls things out of the middle of nowhere. He didn't show up at church, and so we'll search him out and see if he really wants to keep learning the Gospel. As for the Baptism, it went really well. I was privileged to Baptise Andressa and Bianca and the Spirit that it brings left me bursting with joy. It's so good to see people accepting the Gospel. Our ward has been really excited and helping with the missionary work. We are going to make sure that they know that they are accepted and loved. They already have friends in the Church too. They are a great family and will be good members. So this week we were walking through a neighborhood and three boys started just looking at me as we walked by, I looked back, and one of them asked if I spoke Brazilian. I responded saying that I indeed spoke Portuguese. He then asked if I spoke another Language, and I told him that I spoke Ingles. Then he had me say something in English, which due to the occasion, I allowed myself to say a quick phrase. That was funny. Anyways, I was reading in Jacob this week in the Book of Mormon, and I came across Jacob 3:1-2. I like this scripture, all those that are in the path of Following the Lord, should aways continue to pray to our Father in Heaven. Also, we should always be reading the Scriptures and feasting on the Love of Christ. And if we truly do this, and remain with a firm mind, we can feast of the Love of God forever. I hope that you all remember to stay firm in the faith always doing the small and simple things. God will protect us and help us in our lives. I love you all and have a good week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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