Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

 The Parrots. They are green by the way. Pretty chic!
 PB&J!   OPA!

Horses?  O Que?  That's weird, they are in the middle of the city,
and one even walked across the street of cars.

Another week passes in our lives. Wow. Weird. Anyway, at 11/11/11 11:11 I made a wish. Ha. It was pretty exciting. The zoo is not in my area, or even zone, but several missionaries from all four zones in the city were going. Its rare to be able to go since the zoo is closed on Mondays normally. They had a bear there, but sadly it has died, really recently in fact. Also, though he wont be able to read for quite some time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINE! Someone tell him for me please. Ha. So Maria is the mother of two young boys, and also Andresa, almost 16, and Bianca, 13 years old, and is separated from her husband. They seem to be excellent investigators and are accepting all our compromissios. They are really excited for the baptism. They are a great family and really nice to us. They really seem ready to take this path. We are really hoping to make a difference in this area, and the Lord has really been blessing us. We also have been having pancakes a lot now, which is really good with Mrs Butterworth by the way, thanks, and also I made PB and J's the other day too. I'm afraid with all this cooking I might get fatter again. Ha. I'm working on turning my stomach (have you ever thought its weird that the organ stomach, and the "outside" stomach have the same name? In Portuguese its different) stronger, or should I just say, losing my stomach. At least the heat and sweating helps eh? Ha. Its been pretty hot here, hitting around 90 degrees with humidity. I really feel bad for Elder Howell, and all the Elders in the Nordeste area of Brasil, they have got to be suffering. The mission is going great, and I'm loving my opportunity to be out here serving the Lord. This week, my companion keeps saying that I am really humble, and I have to disagree with him and say that he's crazy, because I know that I have a lot to work on, including humility. So, I remembered a scripture in Alma 26:12, when Ammon glories in God. If Ammon, one of my favorite Hero's (Tanner Johns, my converter- BOTR) is nothing, then what am I? When we glory, we need to give the glory to God. Truly every accomplishment is from God. With God we can do anything, and it is only by and through God, that we can do these things. Truly we are nothing without God, but as in Doctrine and Covenants, every soul is valuable in the eyes of God. We have an opportunity to be mighty in God, but truly, we need to give him the honor. Our Lord and Savior lives and he wants us to be happy. He suffered for all the sins and pains of the world, are we greater than Him? He loves us, and allows us to do many great miracles, but truly, "Glory to God in the Highest." I love you all, and am thankful for your love and support. Always stay strong, remembering to always be an example through humility and service.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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