Monday, November 14, 2011

November 9, 2011

 Minha Zona passada!
 Elder M. Santos and "Eu". Sweet background eh?
Wow, I'm loved.  That's without a doubt.

First of all, sorry for not giving a warning, but we weren't given one either. Ha. Our P-Day was changed this week due to having a mission wide conference with Elder Godoy and Elder Evans both from the seventy. It was an amazing conference. Really well. So, I wash my laundry in a "tunquina," a machine that basically stirs the water around with your clothes. It at least works, then we hang everything out to dry, which happens really fast here sometimes. We had three investigators at church the other day, who are all working to get baptised. It was a young girl that was ready to be baptised, but was attending the wrong ward. She switched back, and now her Mom and Sister also want to be baptised. Her name is Bianca, her Mom is Maria, and the sister is Andresa. I don't know if those are all spelled right. We also had an inactive that we have been visiting come to church which was good to see. Were trying to make our visits more spiritual with her now. So, I got three packages, two from the parents, and one from the Grandma, so I know that I am without a doubt loved. Ha. Thanks. As for advice for the youth preparing for missions, I would suggest getting in a habit of daily study, even if its just a little bit every day. Also, prepare themselves in every way, and cherish the time with their families. Never stop to expand your knowledge. Preach my Gospel is definitely a great source to study. So, my new companion, Elder M. Santos is a recent convert from about 6 Hours from here in a small town that is still in the state of São Paulo. He is 25 years old, and is really nice. He's weird, but who isn't. Ha. Things are going well, he truly is super nice, and talks good of me to everyone else. Ha. He knows how to cook to, which is pretty nice. Ha. So, the other day I was walking, and I saw some parrots in a tree that is in our area. They were startled, and about 20 of them went flying out. That was cool. What was even cooler, was the Zoo in Brazil! Yay. It was super sweet, and the awesome part is its only 3 Reis to enter. Awesomeness eh? Its not as big as our zoo there, but its got lions, Elephants, Tigers, and monkeys. It was a lot of fun. Sadly my camera died, and shortly after, my companions died. Ha. Dang. There were tons of Parrots there too. And crazy birds all over. So during the mission conference, they talked about the importance of tithing and how it is one of the greatest factors that keep people active in the church. Truly the blessings are real and many. So the scripture is Malaki 3:10. I love you all. Good week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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