Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 29, 2011

Wow, this week was crazy. Holy cow talk about... well actually I don't know. Sounds like all is going pretty good at home, and that's always awesome to be with family.  families are the most important people in our lives. As for food, we actually get a pretty good varity in my area, though its mostly meat, rice and beans, and things thus. (coisa assim). Its pretty good, Im getting used to it all, though really I could do without the beans. I do love the suco (juice) here. It is so amazing, seriously. They have good lasagna and some great deserts here too. Too bad im not a huge meat fan, but its still pretty good. This week has been absolutely crazy. I have been on divisions practically all week. I went on one with Elder Nobre, and directly from this went on one with Elder Morais and Elder Candland at the same time. Then I went directly from that to the office with Elder Candland and we stayed the night there. Then we stayed the whole day together until the next afternoon. That was awesome. It truly is a blessing to have Elder Candland in my district. It was awesome, and we went and did contacts and we talked with a guy for quite some time, and we conversed pretty well in Portuguese. That is awesome. I improve little by little everyday in Portuguese, though I still have a while to go. Elder Candland actually speaks pretty good Portuguese. It is really good to talk to him, and we have so many things we can talk about too. Mauro sadly fell again, and we havent been able to see him for a while, and he will go into a rehab thing for 6 months. Willians is doing great and progressing and that is awesome. Keep both of them in your prayers. We always need to pray for our Brothers and Sisters that are searching for the truth, that they can realize that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the earth. The scripture I choose for this week is Hebrews 13:1. It is so simple, but we should always let our love continue. Truly as Saints of God we should love all man, and that love should be evident. We can serve and show our love in many ways. A simple smile can change a life. I love you all and until next week.
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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