Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 22, 2011

1. And you guys said I wouldnt see Apple for a while, ha. There actually is quite a bit. The computers are more rare, but there still are Mac Fans here in Brazil.
2. Just walking along on the street.
3. Rain! Bo-yaaa ha ha ha. Just notice who is soaked and who is dry. Thats my good ol' Washington blood there.
4. Oh yeah! Lookin Chic (She-key)!

Another week passes as time flies by. Indeed it is winter here, and sometimes it can get down to 48 degrees (F), and that can feel a little cold with this humidity, but still isn't freezing. I still haven't used my sweatshirt a whole lot yet. Also I haven't heard anything about my package, but it could be at the escritório waiting for me. (mission office). We do get to attend the ward council meetings, though I have only been able to attend one. The ward here has an amazing ward mission plan. We are really focusing on members helping us here. The ward will have a mission Sunday, and we are working to make sure that each family has a "Pregar Meu Evangelho," that they can study from. We are able to use our priesthood to give blessings a good amount, and people seem to always come to us. Mauro is doing really well, he has been having some struggles with overcoming addiction, but his will is rather amazing. We are working with him a lot, and we have two boys that are going to go on missions help out too. They are a great help. We are going over there today to play chess with them, and talk with him. We also have a new baptismal date with a man named Willans (I actually dont know how to spell it). He came to church and asked if we could teach him more. When we showed up at his house, which was late since we really like to walk in circles and walk all over the place, he even had soda and chocolate for us, and a notepad and pen. He is really awesome too. And about walking in circles, its true, we will walk past a place, continue on and ill recognize something and it'll take us right back through where we came, and eventually where we want to go. And when we don't know where were going, ha. Thats an adventure, running across streets, laughing, and just walking and hoping. Dad, how much I wish you were here to help give me advice and talk to me. You have truly been an example, and a goal of someone to become more like. I guess this is my time to grow to, so someday I can be an example to my children. My companion, Elder Souza, shared this scripture the other day, and It went perfectly with my thoughts. The scripture is Romans 8:28, and truly everything has a reason. While we may not know the reason, God has a reason, and a curse that we have may turn for a blessing. We may not see the results of everything right away either, we may wonder why we were supposed to do something, but always remember that God has a plan. God loves each and everyone of us, and if we just try to follow him, then all things will work for our good. God knows whats best for us, we just need to trust him. I love you all, and wish you a good week.
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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