Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 5, 2010

This week was incredibly and indescribably fast. Wow. It feels like yesterday I was writing last weeks email. All my friends are growing up fast too, that's pretty crazy. I am super excited for Derek and Tanner for sending in there papers and preparing to serve the Lord. Its always good to have another young man willing to join the ranks in the service of our God. As for "I'm A Mormon" Its not really big here, or at least I haven't heard anything about it yet, but, that's still way cool. Also, tell John congratulations for me, that is amazing, it will change his life for the better. This week I went on a division on Tuesday with Elder Santiago, and then I went on another Wednesday until Saturday morning with Elder Nobre. I have hardly been in my own area. And, while I was gone, it got to 44 degrees (F), outside, and with the humidity, it feels even colder. I also didnt have my sweater because of the division, so I went around in my short sleeve, but it was good to get some cold since its getting hot again. On the division, Elder Nobre is neighbors with Elder Candland and his companion, so we talked with them a bunch too, which was really great. Elder Candland and I have great conversations. Seriously. Ha. Also, this is random, but to explain why its easy to get lost, is because all the streets are names not numbers, and you have to know which "Bairro" (neighborhood) the street is in because sometimes there are more than one with the same name. Before I forget, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORVER to him for me. I cant believe how fast time passes, its like a rollercoaster, it always goes by fast. Or a mountain, when you look back, its amazing how far you've already gone. I am so greatful to be out serving the Lord. I do have opportunities to bear my testimony quite a bit, and its becoming easier in Portuguese, I may not be able to say all I want, but I get my point across. The number of discussions we teach vary each week, and it really depends. Willians passed the interview, and his baptism is this Saturday. We are all super excited. He is progressing "firme forte," (firm and strong). Elder Nobre shared this scripture with an investigator, and it really stood out to me. Its in Alma 5:45-46. Really this scripture doesn't apply to just those trying to find out about the church. It applies to every aspect of our lives. We should continually ask to know if these things are true, not because we doubt, but because we need that confirmation that strengthens our faith. Its something that we should frequently try to do in our lives. Seek counsel from the Lord, and truly seek for another confirmation of the truths we already know, and those we learn.  
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman 

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