Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

As for Dad´s talk, I would highly recommend using Preach My Gospel, its an amazing resource! As for P-Days we go to the temple in the morning and then we email and stuff. Then we go out and explore the town and buy what we want and what we need. Then we actually have class that night. Its pretty much a day to walk around town. My P-days will be changed to Monday while I'm out in the field. So it might be a ways until the next email, well four more days I think. Ha. I hope i can write sooner, but we´ll see. As for Reai´s in a Dollar, its about 1.5 or 1.6. I'm not entirely sure, but its about that. And as for the photos, yes i can see them, and that's awesome. Every ones growing up! That's Laine right? He looks huge! Now for my week! Good News! I sent pictures home in a letter! I hope that they get there. I sent about 12 home because at the CTM we cant send photos via email. I will send some next week via email though. I'm super excited. So, the most amazing day so far happened! We got to go proselyting in downtown São Paulo and it was amazing. I was feeling a little intimidated. My companion and I said a prayer and then went to work. We were really ´´scared´´ for lack of a better word, and kept walking for a while. We walked past these two boys about our age at a shoe shinning place, and I felt that we should talk to them. I told my companion and at first he said that we could get them on the way back. I said I think that we should talk to them now, so we went back and contacted them. They were Golden and so nice and receptive. They were awesome and we could talk Portuguese to them without a problem. That was exactly what we needed, It was a confidence boost from the Lord. The Sisters passed by them later and said that they saw them reading the Book of Mormon. That's legit! We continued to go around talking to people that we were inspired to talk to. Two people were too busy, but still really nice about it. Two more rejected us because they were Catholic and thought that they wouldn´t need it. How wrong that is, we all need the Book of Mormon in our lives, it is essential! We also talked to a man that was reading a newspaper and working and two ladies that were standing there smoking, and another awesome story. We gave one to this guy that said he loves reading and would be interested, and when we walked by him 15 or so minutes later, he was still reading and was already into 1st Nephi! People are so nice and accepting here. I love Brazil! As for some other things, I love doing laundry with the Labels from Dad, and the Blue string from Mom, its always a great reminder. I love you guys so much! You are the best family!  We also had some other Elders leave this week and they will be missed. We had two Elders get hurt over the past week. One rolled his ankle pretty bad, and another fractured his elbow. We were able to give him a priesthood blessing, and how powerful that is. One of them asked me to anoint.  I love the power of the Priesthood and can testify that it is real. There is so much power in a blessing and being surrounded by so many people who hold the power of God. It truly is a blessing. I Love the Lord and am so thankful to be serving a mission. I love you all!
-Elder Paxman

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