Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 13, 2011

Thanks for sending one email, its easier that way. Ha. Now to answer questions: The language is going good, we keep trying to challenge ourselves and our learning more and more everyday. Its not by any means easy, but we are progressing. We have lots of room to improve though, ha. I am with a district of American Elders, and lots of them are from my old district. Two more came today, only one is in our district though. We are the loud and obnoxious district, but we are all working on our focus, and progressing along. A lot of the people are from WA, and we know some of the same people. Its crazy, and sometimes we have been to the same place. One from our district is from Renton, Elder Batschi or something close to that. I have started taking daily vitamins and vitamin C´s every other day. I have taken some other meds, but nothing serious or worrysome. And as we were walking around a store here, I saw activia! ha. So its here too, I didnt buy any though. Ha. Durring the day, we do get to go outside, not out of the CTM, but outdoors yes. The gym wwe play in everyday is outside, a lot of the lower floors are outside, just covered. As for outside the CTM, we get to go outside once a week and walk around to neighboring shops and to mail letters and stuff. As for the unicorn milk, its some type of oatmeal, or cream of corn, but we dont know for sure, all we know is that it is good. Irmão Peçanha is younger, im not quite sure how young, but I wouldnt put him past 30. Its his full time job here, and he works a lot. My transfer date is may 16th or 17th. I talked to some missionaries in my mission at the temple this morning. Im so excited to join them. I love the celestrial room, its always good to have a break each week. As for pictures, im still working on a way, I might send home a package with some pictures if i can develop some. My scripture for the week is Moroni 8:16. Its so powerful, we have a huge stress on being bold, and why should we fear man? And Its because of the love we have, which is so powerful. Its the persons eternal salvation were talking about! Durring this week i had an adventure as my companions tooth came out in a piece of candy. It was only his cap, but it was so weird, and i totally thought it was his actual tooth. It happen later in the week too, and he just goes ansd gets it glued back on. Craziness. I would like a little photo, wallet size or so of our family if possible. Also I need Elder Howells adress if possible, thanks. Also, there is talk about BYU- Brazil in the future, that´d be cool. But not for a while. Also, Autumn, you should accept Irmão Mauricio as a friend. (Irmão means brother btw) Also, he knew jeff, and i got a letter from him, and sent one back. I got to go, But I love you all so much! Thanks for the email, until next week. -Elder Paxman

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