Friday, April 1, 2011

The Brazilians are so dang awesome!

April 1st 2011
I love it here! Its so amazing! I was so glad to be able to talk to you at the airport. I´m glad Pepper was able to sing too, she sounded great We originally weren't going to email until next week, but I talked to the President. He said it made sense since we didn't have our p-day yet this week. I have the same companion that I had in provo, and many from my district are here too. I got called as the district leader agian, and that's exciting. We have two Elders that are not from my original district, they were at Provo, and they both leave before the rest of us do. It is so beautiful here. Its so green and ´´jungley´´ ha. The city is huge! We could barely see it flying in because of clouds, but its really big, and we got to drive through part of it. As for pictures, we aren't supposed to take any except in the CTM on P-day, and I have no way to send them home yet. One cool thing about the CTM is that we can go around the building to the surrounding city and I get to see my area. This is indeed in my area. I'm so excited. I'm home! ha.
The Brazilians are so dang awesome. They are really nice and talented. They snap their fingers and do all sorts of cool tricks. I´ve met so many cool people here. Its amazing. I played volleyball with some that couldnt speak english, and it was a blast. We are trying to understand what they are saying. Its awesome, we are getting better at Portuguese by just being here. I have an amazing teacher named Irmão Anderson Melo. He is hilarious and really nice. Our secretary for the president is really awesome too.
As for food, it actually can be pretty good. I will mostly be surviving on rice here. I wish you could send orange sauce but I dunno how well that would send over anyway. The breakfasts are good, and I'm living.
Also, i will send information on mail and packages, but no packages can be sent to the CTM, only to the field, and ill get them later. Mail takes about one to two weeks, and I will send a letter this Wednesday. Also I will try and send the address in a little bit. I will try and get gloves when I can. I love you all!
-Elder Paxman

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