Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20,2011

Oi! Tudo bem? (Everything is good?) I hope so. The weeks really fly by here. Its so crazy, time is pretty distorted. Thanks for Elder Howell´s address, I'm going to send him a letter. Now for the questions: I have no idea if "unicorn milk" is in a box or a can, ha. We just eat it, its in a big pot at the front. But its de-lish-ush! As for Sundays, a missionary from each district gives a talk on Sunday, and so everyone prepares and they randomly select them. Our branch is made of three American districts. Its around 40 total people. As for my shuffle (blue square) its been working great, I get a chance to listen everyonce. I hadn´t heard about Hannah´s mission call to St. Louis, that is super awesome. Im glad our stake is still preparing misssionaries, and singing their hearts out too. Our home stake was trully amazing. And yeah, 50 years seems like a super long time, ha. Congradulations Grandpa & Grandma Newton!  As for gym time, everytime so far, I have played volleyball. Its a blast, I love playing with the Brazillians! I have a lot of cool Brazillian Friends. I'm going to try and send pictures home next week if i can get them developed. Its definitally Humid here, ha. Its nothing horrible, but you will be sweating when you try to go to bed. Its hot, but I love it so far. We always crank up our airconditioning in our classroom since it will be the last time we get to for the rest of our missions. We do do our own laundry, but it doesn´t cost at all, which is super nice. (Heather - I got both your letters, and thank you so much, I have enjoyed reading them. As for lasertag, I have been before, it can be a blast.) I started talking to this elder about where he was from, and Shelly Idaho came up, and I asked him if he knew my roomates, he pointed to his nametag, and he is Kallen Wheelers cousin! Crazines! This is a small world. Also ask Tawni if she knows an Elder Batschi, he is in my district now. Also, I bought new ties that are pretty legit. I want you guys to try to get a Portuguese OLDM (Book of Mormon). That´d be way cool. And as for scripture of the week, I havent had a chance to go over them all, but we had a devotional by Elder Holland, well, a DVD devotional by him. And he used this scripture, Helaman 6:36-37. Its amazing that they went to the worst of the worst types of people to convert them, and ´´utterly destroyed´´ them. Its super cool. I love Elder Holland´s Talks. I love you guys so much. Im loving Brazil! Also, you should check out Son #07 on youtube and see if a handball team of Brazil comes up. My instructor played on the national team, and it sounded brutal. I´ve got to go, But I love you all! - Elder Paxman (Amber, whats this rumor about my letters not getting posted? ha. jk, thanks so much for doing this. I have the best family in the world)

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