Monday, March 28, 2011

E-mail from March 19, 2011

Okay people... I am sorry.  Tanner told me his password for the blog and I of course forgot. So if I ever need to know a password don't hesitate to give it to me because it goes in one ear and out the other. I waited for Tanner to re-give me the password, which is why these e-mails are being posted late.

Wow! This week so far has been amazing. I absolutely love it here! Its weird to think that I cant just tell you cool things that happened right away. Its so weird, ha. I asked my teacher if she knew Elder Muns, and she said she adored him, as they served in the same mission. Just to let Claire know. Ha. Guess what? Big news, I am our new district leader! I love our district so much, its amazing. We all just clicked right away. We have 5 sisters, and 8 Elders. And the two that were on the plane with me are in my district. Muito Otimo! My companion is super awesome, his name is Elder Voges. We get along great so far. All my roomates are way awesome! Its so awesome. One of the Elders already got his visa, and he even got his call in december! But at least they are coming through. I have two other Elders, and one other sister going to my mission. Im so excited! As for pictures, Im not sure that we can send them via email, so you might have to wait a while to get some. I'll work on that. My cordinating sister is Sister Black! I actually know at least 15 or more Elders here. Its so cool. I hang out with Elder Howell all gym time since we have gym together. And I also talk to Elder Crandall a lot too. Its awesome to talk to people from home, epecially Elder Howell. I want my stickies btw! Ha, they would be useful. Man, Im sorry Im so sporadic, I have a list of things I wanted to mention. The spirit here is so amazing. As for Portuguese, its so great! I love learning about portuguese. Thanks so much for the email, its great to hear from you. Elder Howell, (its still weird to always say elder) and I are hoping and praying that we get our visas and can head out together. It is so good to hear from people. It will be great to read the emails each week and send them back. It hasn't hit me how long i'll be out here. It'll hit me some time. It kinda feels like a huge muito spiritual EFY. Its so cool to have my name on the Tag. My time is running out though. Our whole district is so amazing. I dont even know what to say. Its crazy though, we have 6 people from washington, 4 oregon, and 3 otherwise. Way crazy. Well, I got to go.
With Love,
Elder Paxman

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