Monday, March 28, 2011

E-mail from March 25, 2011

I JUST GOT MY VISA! I leave on tuesday! I get to call home later today if I want, so be Ready!I have seen Noah quite a bit, and he got his Visa. Andy got his Visa, And now a total of 7 of our district got there visa's. Andy was originally reassigned, so its way cool. Its so dang awesome. I think im flying down with Elder Crandall and maybe Elder Howell. At least some from my district. I forgot, the scripture that I sent last week was wrong, ha. I meant to send Mosiah 28:3. I randomly met another Elder Paxman that is also going portuguese speaking. Someone said that they were good friends with Brenton Paxman, an Elder Fenn or something. I noticed a spot on one of the ties that I brought from before, ha. Dang. We had a fast on tuesday and two sisters got their electronic visas, and two elders got their real ones. Then we fasted again, and Andy and his companions got there visas. Then finaly I got mine this morning. Along with one of my companions and a sister from my district. We are dropping like flies. Elder Costa gave a talk here with his wife, and it was really good. I got a letter from S2 youth and I'm so thankful. I love all the youth, and am muito obrigado. Im so excited! Thank you guys for the package, I really enjoyed it. Im thankful for my Keys and especially the yellow card. District leader has beem so great, I really enjoy it, and am trying to do my best. My Pday is friday, but that might change at the Sao Paulo CTM. The language is hard, but great. I love learning it. Rosetta stone definitally helped, it built a basis and got me started. My current companion is from Grants Pass, Oregon. I dont know if we'll stay companions. My other compainion is staying here, but he, Elder Malloy, was from Puyallup, WA. The food here is great! I really enjoy it. Holy cow, the days are flying by now. Its been great here. We went to the Provo Temple, and I love the temple. We went in and it was just normal and "sunny", and came out to quite a bit of snow. I am so excited to leave, though I will miss our district. I was gonna see if you wanted to send work gloves for service if you can in time, but dont worry to much about it. Also, the scripture this week is Mosiah 4:27 about not having to run more than we are able. (Hopefully the right reference this time). My time is running short so I have to go, but thank you all so much. I love you all.
-Elder Paxman

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