Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dropping off Elder "T-Bone" Paxman at the MTC

Here are some pictures of us (Heather, Chris, Korver, and Pryson) dropping off Tanner at the MTC. We ate lunch at Taco Time (his lunch of choice because Jack in the Box was not available and we only had time for fast food). We wanted to get a picture of him in front of the MTC sign but noticed that they were taken down. Someone started to explain that the MTC was under higher security now because of some events that happened when he was cut off by a security guard. The security guard told us to only ask him if we had any questions. It was weird. We wanted to take a picture of Tanner by the blank wall where the sign used to be because we thought that would be funny. However, the security guard stopped us and explained that we couldn't even take pictures on the side of the street of the MTC. We had to take them across the street, but it was all good. Tanner was really excited and was especially thrilled to see Elder Andy Howell on the drive in. They reached out for each other and yelled each others names but we had to keep driving. The missionaries helping Tanner get his luggage out made sure he didn't have his cell phone or keys and did have his immunization cards. They were pretty giddy. Then I said a last good bye in person to Tanner for two years and Korver waved from the backseat and we drove off. He will be an amazing missionary and we will sure miss him! We love you Elder Paxman!

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