Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 22, 2012

 For Sammamish First Ward ... and especially for Christian McOmber to welcome him back home from his mission in Brazil !!!
 "Up above the sky so high, like a ...  dead man that just climbed the mountain"  Ha!

Pablo is a Rapaz that is preparing for his mission here in the next year.

I am utterly surprised that yet another week has passed. But, do what? Ha. This week was another average missionary week. We are working with several families to progress towards baptism, and several new people that we have been finding. Ricardo is the father of Alessandro, and Ricardo's wife, Claudia, is not active in the church. His wife's cousin is active in the church. Her name is Sandra, and she has several kids that go to church as well. We also will start to work with her brothers which are both inactive that were both married this last week. Ricardo is a great guy, and he seems to be progressing towards baptism, and he likes the church. We also are working with another less active family, that the mother, and two youngest all aren't baptised. They are pretty cool people as well. The mother suffered an accident a while back, and both legs and an arm were broken. She still is unable to walk. Also, her "husband" got up and left her recently as well. We are working with them, and she also is the sister of a member of our ward. They are also helping us to bring this family unto Christ. This week, I was reading in the Book of The Acts, and came upon a scripture that I would like to pass on. Its found in Acts 10:34-35. Our Heavenly Father created all of us, and therefore we are all His children. He loves us all equally, and wants all of us to be happy. He doesn't bless one more than another because he loves them more, but its according to our obedience. If we keep the commandments, then God will bless us. All of us on the earth have the same oportunidade to keep the commandments of God, and be blessed. God loves each and everyone of you, and wants all of us to be happy. I hope that we all can look as God does, and love all mankind, and continue firm in the faith. I love you all, and have a great week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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