Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7, 2012

 Yay! Irmão Joaquim from Alphaville was baptised! Good news eh? The other is the Bispo of Alphaville
 Here are some pictures from the temple!  Yay!

Ópaíó! Its already time to write! Yes, I know that it isn't Wednesday yet, but I was confused last week. The Temple was absolutely wonderful. I love the temple. It truly is a different place than this busy and unbelieving world. The spirit is so strong there. I get so happy each time that I go there. President Martins is amazing, he is super intelligent, and is strict on the rules. I couldn't imagine a better mission president. This week, we also had a mission counsel, and that went well, even though President had to leave early. Also I did a division with Elder Wetzel in my area, and that went really well. He is a great guy from Utah, and we were able to see some miracles of the Lord, like people coming up and talking to us. The Lord loves us, and is always looking out for us. This week has been a crazy week, they all seem to be flying by, and we also had a new thing that they just started in all the missions which is a zone training meeting. Its a training that we as zone leaders give to our Zone.  Its about three hours long with lots of practices. It also went really well. So this week I wanted to pass along the scripture 2 Nephi 33:10. Truly the Book of Mormon contains the words of Christ. They were written by God´s prophets and we should believe in them. If we truly believe in Christ, we will believe in the Book of Mormon. I'm not just saying this of my own understanding, I have received an answer from God, and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. The Lord has revealed His gospel again on the earth, and we can receive all its blessings through being baptised, and enduring to the end. I love you all, and hope you all have a great week.
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman
PS:  As for the Olympics: we hear a little about them from the members and sometimes they are watching it when we show up at their houses. Also, some missionaries talk about it. As for Brazil, they are supposed to be really good in men's Soccer. Otherwise, I don't really know. Approximately 10% of our mission is sisters, so its not that much, but we still have some. Its about 16 of 160 in our mission.

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