Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

 1 Year foto ...
 1 Year !!!
 Face burning. owwww! Ha. (not literally ... no one was seriously hurt in the taking of this picture  :-)
 One month for Elder Agnelli ... and one year for me!
 Burning Shirt = Really Hot!  Ha.
 Hey Look, it's Salto De Pirapora!
Thanks Grandma for the package  :-)

Another week flies by in the mission. I can't believe its already been a year. Craziness. This week has been quite a week. Elder Agnelli is still doing great, though we both are still the typical tired missionaries. Ha. We are really trying to talk to more and more people and trying to improve our contact skills. We had an amazing mission conference this week, and we all left pumped up and ready to work. Also Friday;  I made one year, and my companion made 1 month, so that was exciting, burning shirts, and drinking milkshakes. Ha. (Don't worry the shirt wasn't mine, it was an old one we found). I got a package from grandma which was awesome, and we have another chance to get mail this week, so we'll see if I get anything else. Thanks for all the stuff you send. This mission is awesome, and I'm loving it here. So Eliane is a member that used to be inactive that we reactivated, and she is a good friend of missionaries. She taught us how to cook a few things, and we had a family night over there with several members the other day. It was one of her kids birthdays, she has two boys, though in the end they couldn't come. We did a lesson using my legos. When we were heading over there, we walked over a log bridge, and its was super dark, and I saw a huge frog, I mean It could have been a bunny the size it was ...  jumping right in front of me. My companion told me to run, and I told him, its alright its already gone. He started running, and I looked to see why, and there was a huge bull (ox?) running right at me. I took off and booked it for my life. It didn't follow us for very long though. And later we had to sneak around another cow too. It had huge horns. It was an adventurous night :-)  Viviane and family are doing great, Ataide hasn't been to church yet, but the Kids went alone, as the Mom had a meeting and couldn't come. Truly the Lord blesses us in every moment. A scripture that I think has amazing counsel, is in Alma 37:37. It is very important that we counsel with the Lord and look for his help in all things.  I love all you guys and hope that you all have an amazing week.
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

Some more pictures from members:

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