Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

 Pizza!  We got to make it, and then eat it.  It was real good!
Division headed to São Paulo for the trienamento of New Leaders of Districts

So - first of all, about the storm: here, it normally is blazing hot and sunny, and then clouds over really fast and starts pouring rain. Its crazy, so a lot of the time there isn't much warning, ha. And as for my umbrella, we both ended up buying new ones. And I really think that some people truly must buy gas from gas trucks when they pass, or maybe the gas truck drivers like to listen to weird ice cream truck music. Ha. And here's the real big news, I am still in Salto De Pirapora with Elder Wendel! Yay! But wait, there is more, I am the new District Leader of us, and two other companionship's. That's gonna be crazy, I call everyone every night, and I will be giving trienamentos in our district meetings now. I'm excited, and hope that I can help our district. As for who we are teaching, we are teaching a few people. Ataide and his family are cool, we are hoping that they will pray and ask with real intent about The Book of Mormon. Also, Keti, who is progressing and stopping smoking, though she needs to get married too. This week, was very eventful, Monday pizza, Tuesday Setenta (Seventy), Thurs/Friday São Paulo Trienamento. So yes, we got to make and eat our own pizza on P-day, and it was really good. We had Elder Jay E. Jensen from the Presidency of the Seventy come and had a meeting specially for the Elders here in the interior. That was really good. He has a Spanish accent in his Portuguese. And then I went to a training in São Paulo at our mission office for all the new Leaders of Districts. Also, another one of our pesquisadores asked if we could take a few days off from the mission to go travel Brasil with him in his truck. That would be pretty intense and exciting, but I told him we couldn't because we are servants of the Lord here in Salto, and we don't have "breaks." So in my study this morning, I read the talk by Elder Richard G. Scott (which is a excellent talk), and he mentioned a scripture that I truly do like. Its in Alma 7:23-24. It talks about good qualities that all of us should seek for. When we need, all we need to do is ask, and when we get, we need to thank Heavenly Father for giving it to us. And truly Faith, Hope, and Charity are bound together in a unbreakable bind, that when you have all three, then surely you will be doing good things that you should be doing. The Lord loves us all, and will bless us when we do things that are good and in concordance with His will. I love you all and wish you a great week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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  1. Dear Elder Paxman, Your living vibrant testimony lifts our spirits here in our new home in Austin, Texas. We get rain like that here, too! And since there are only about 4 inches of soil on top of a solid bed of limestone, the roads flood dramatically, As to umbrellas, piffle! I am from Seattle and scoff at them:) Much love and many prayers for your safety and success! Love, Beau and Judy Parnell