Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Birthday Cake 1 ...  Yay! 
 Birthday Cake 2 ...  Boo Yah !!
Our umbrellas after a huge rainstorm! We had to get new ones. Ha.

Wow is right. Ha. This week was an eventful week for all of us.  You guys suffered through snow storms, while I got soaked in a rainstorm. Ha, what an adventure! We were walking on the road, and bam, it hit!  Holy cow, it was like a hurricane, and yes, we tried to get to cover, but we had to find some first! Ha. Hopefully all worked out with you guys and the snow. So my Birthday was amazing, I didn't get to celebrate with family and friend from back home, but at least I got my friends and family here. It was a great time, a member took us to a restaurant for Almoço, and that was really good. I also was invited to a couple peoples houses, and that was a fun time. The work here has been going good. We are starting to teach a few people that look promising, and are really cool. As for the birds nest, it was above that weird tile stuff they have for a lot of church ceilings or schools, and some parts of the nest just started to appear, so we got it down. You guys know when you hear that music on the street ...  and up comes the ice cream truck? Well, I heard that music, and here comes the truck, and "what the...?" It's a gas truck. That's crazy eh? I guess people might just come out of their houses to buy their gas. Crazy eh? Ha. There was another cool event that happened this week, my companion made 6 months! We burnt a tie and had a good time. It's crazy how fast time flies on the mission, transfers are this week, I think I'll stay here with Elder Wendel though. I hope so, things are going great here. So, the scripture of the week this week will be Romans 1:16. We should not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. We should stand up for what we believe and always be brave. I think it matters more what God thinks that what man thinks. The Gospel truly is the thing that brings us the most happiness, and also that will save all of us in the end. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect and was created for all men, so that if we do our part, that we can be saved. We need to be actively engaged in doing good things and being good examples of what we believe and know. The Lord knows each of us individually and loves each and everyone of us. Let us all show our love for him as he shows his love for us. Everyday is a blessing. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week.

Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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