Monday, June 13, 2011

better late then never

I had no idea, but apparently the email from last week didn't send. I'm so sorry, but here it is, and this weeks will come later. I love you. I was wondering why you thought it was so short, i got to stop sending pictures and email together, it exceeded the size limit. Ill send this weeks after our zone activity.

I am super duper sorry that I wasn't able to email until now. Our P-day got changed this week since we got to go to the Temple, and that kept us busy all day. Its been a great day though. I truly love the Temple. But I totally take the blame for not warning you guys. Things are going good here, I'm enjoying it a lot. We have another baptism this Saturday, and another set for July 2. The Irma's family is all members now, and she really wants to join, but she smokes, so she hasn't been able to yet. So if you could please pray for her as she is trying to stop and prepare herself for her baptism. They have a good family too. As for Lego's, ha. You don't need to, I was thinking of one for the armour of God, and another to symbolize the pieces of the Gospel. Or even for a wall analogy I learned. I can easily make due without, but if you want you can. I'd say that people, blocks, or a small vehicle, i dunno really, i have ideas for all. Ha. So Dad is liken his music loud recently eh? ha, man, good times. I love you Dad. I haven't been to that place you talked about, but there are randomly places with trees throughout the city. Its pretty cool, though hardly anywhere can you get away from all the cars. So the huge meal here is almoço, or lunch. We have lunch with members pretty much everyday. We typically have a small breakfast in the morning, and a small snack at night. As for fast and testimony meeting, lots and lots of members got up, not a single pause. As for understanding, mostly no. Ha. I understand more and more each day, though I really have to focus to understand. The culture is way different here, I don't really know how to describe it, but its different, ha.
So the other day, we were talking to one of our investigators and he said that he could see the love in my eyes, and i thought that was really cool. He said it made him want to talk to Jesus. Another Elder today came up to me in the temple, and said, Elder Paxman, your the kind of guy that I look at and know I can trust, I like you, your a good guy. This was the first time we really met, but I thought it was really nice. I taught the plan of Salvation, and I used the visuals the youth gave me, so please thank them for me, it was awesome! The other day I was walking, and we walked past about 20 or more light stores in a row, talk about street of lights, ha. (Lame joke, I know, but i thought it was crazy). I read a really good article about caffeine, and I also found out that Guraná has caffeine in it, so I have stopped drinking the stuff, staying firm to my resolve. I ate at the nicest restaurant I have ever eaten at before, its called Bovinus. Its the kind where they help push in your chair and park your car for you. It was rodizio, and a member took us that had served his mission in Montana. You wont believe it, we made it 9 days without rice and beans! Thats absolutely crazy eh? ha. Also, really random, but a guy in the ward I'm serving in knows Andy Barr, and went to visit him in Sammamish! What a strange co-wink-a-dink. Now I know I'm not supposed to have a scripture of the week this week, so this is sole part of my spiritual thought. Its Helaman 5:12. There is so much power in even a picture, I love pictures of Christ. I can tell you without a doubt that Christ is our Savior, he is our Redeemer. I know that Christ Lives, and I am sorry for anyone that doesn't know this. Christ is so important in our lives, and I would not be where I am without him. Christ has given me so much comfort, and I know that He loves us all so much, and I love him so much too. He is incredible important to all of us, and He wants to help you, so please let him help you. I promise you that if you sincerely pray and ask, you will not be able to deny that Christ is Lives, and that Christ is the very son of God. I know this without a doubt, and am so thankful for this knowledge, and so thankful for Christ, my Lord and Shepherd.
I need to take the time to apologize to all the people I have ever offended. I especially want to apologize to my family, and more specifically my Mom. I'm sorry for all the rude things i have ever done, you mean so much to me, and I love you so much. I love my family so much, and I thank you for all that you have done for me.
With Love,
Elder Tanner Paxman

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