Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

 Elder Vincent & I!  Good division with chips and salsa to top it off!
You might think this is random, but it has a reason.  Look close to the top of my thumb ...  there is a beast there ...  I'm pretty sure its a wombat (or Capybara) that was just chillin' in the woods.
Legit Não é?
So, it is time again for yet another transfer. That means its already been six weeks, which is really crazy. Ha. Yes indeed, its transfer time, and we will know the results tonight. Who knows what could happen? It decides the next few weeks of my life. Ha. I'll let you guys know next week. And before I forget, to all of you in the states, Happy Fourth of July! Sorry for the lack of pictures, we are responsible for a nice area, but we live outside our area in a "normal" neighborhood, so we don't have the best computers. Sometimes the system just doesn't allow fotos as well, but I'm working on it, slower and fotos is better. Ha. So, this Sunday we had something happen that I'm pretty sure must be rare. We had two mission presidents return to our ward. Yes indeed, and one of them was Elder Black's mission President from Belo Horizonte. Now we have at least 4 ex-mission presidents in our ward. Crazy eh? Ha. We also were able to teach Caio, a young man about our age that knows some members. It went really well with him, and we are excited to be working with him. Also, I was reading in "Preach My Gospel" about how the Lord will guide us to the people that are ready for the Gospel, or guide them to us, and then we got a call with a reference. I guess this man, Joaquim, just walked up to the church and talked to the members that work in the office there and wanted to know more. We then went there and taught him, and we also returned with Irmão Piros (ex-mission President) to teach him. The spirit was really strong, and he told us that he wanted to be baptized soon, and we marked a baptismal date. The Lord is always watching us, and will bless us with Miracles. Miracles are truly happening everyday. I know that Prayer is super important, and that it can bring Miracles through our faith. There is a scripture in Alma 6:6, that talks about praying for those that know not God. We should be praying for people to have the opportunity to have the same joy that we have through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all brothers, and we want to have the whole family there when its time for the "homecoming party." I love you all, and hope that you all have a wonderful week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

PS: As for various wards in a chapel, here it is normally one ward for each chapel since the ward areas are normally larger than ours. Sometimes there will be two wards in one chapel, but typically it is only one.

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