Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7, 2012

A jungle Road !

A jungle road with hidden houses.
"Thank You!"  Wow, English ...  this must be Alphaville.  Ha.

Here is our really big and tall church building.  It's sweet!
 Lego Missionaries!  Yay!

Oppa! This computer is super slow ... but time isn't for sure. Holy cow times flying, I guess it wasn't truly a week since the last email, but it still was fast. So first of all, I already had used Mosiah 2:17 from last week, so change that to Mathew 25:40. Ha. Man I'm super bad with the scriptures of the week. Ha. So I am super excited for Mothers Day this week! Yay! And as for last week, yes the perfume he gave us would be about $150 or so. But that's an estimate. As for the stake president here, we still haven't had an official meeting, but we've talked to him a few times since he is in our ward. He was a mission president, and is experienced in the church. Our Church here is classes first and sacrament last, which is weird for me, but that's how a lot of wards are here. This ward is awesome, everyone is super willing to help. We went and visited two American families yesterday, and its weird to speak English. Especially when a kid is speaking English. As for divisions, we can do divisions with anyone in the zone when its needed. We will mostly do them when a baptismal interview needs to be done. So this week has been a normal week, not much time has passed. We are looking for new people, and we did mark a date with Gabriel. He is a young boy, and his mom and sister were recently baptised, but at the time he didn't want to. Hopefully all goes well with that. Otherwise, we have also been meeting members and getting to know them. This ward is great, and I love this area. I wanted to pass a scripture in Alma 34:41. We need to have patience in our trials, with a hope for a better world. Truly if we are faithful, and we bear our afflictions, no matter how large they seem to be, we can know that they are for our good, and that one day we will have rest from all afflictions in the Kingdom of God. I love you all, and have a great week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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