Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Gabriel ("Elder Santana") and I! 
He said this was the
"Baptism of Gabriel"   ...  I think he sent us the wrong picture ....  ?? 
Another Baptism foto with Gabriel and his family (not all of his family were there)

Holy cow this computer is super slow, so I only have 10 minutes. So, Stuart (Elder Barrett) said he is doing great in the mission, and that all is well. And my visa will last until March 30th of 2013, so it'll be good until the end. We can't go back and visit old areas here normally, so for baptising we would have to ask special permission to go back, and I don't think it would be granted. As for Elder Candland, I see him every once and a while, and that always awesome. So this week was great, we had a baptism of Gabriel, which went well, it was after church, so we had a good crowd too. Elder Santana baptised, and he will be confirmed next week. We also had another great investigator that went to church and we taught her, and she is excited to learn, and wants to be baptised. Her name is Vanda. As for the jungle, there are some people here that live in the back jungle, that truly is a huge Forest. Its pretty cool. The family we will redo their house isn't the family of Gabriel. The scripture that I would like to pass this week is Alma 37:44-46. We have a compass in today's day, and we should always be focused on doing whats right, and always have the temple in sight. Truly the way is prepared for us. I love you all and have a great week.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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