Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

 Elder Fagundes and I!  Division!
 Leticia and her mom, at her baptism!  Yay!
Our Church!

Another Week flies by. So we started off this week learning how to cook with a member and her family. I'm pretty sure she is the only member in the family, but that was a good P-Day. We got to learn how to make some Brazilian foods. So really, Carnaval did not effect us at all out here in the "boonies." But this week has gone well, I went on a division with our zone leader in Jardim São Paulo, and that went great. Elder Fagundes is awesome. The Lord truly blessed us this week, as we found an elect. His name is Calisto, and he is awesome. He is a referral from a member in a different area, but he is looking for the truth, and is totally into exploring the Church. He went to the Baptism of Leticia, and also went to Church on Sunday. And as was mentioned, yes Leticia was baptised, and it was really great. Lots of people showed up, a little late, ha, but it was good. We are super happy for her, and hope that she influences the rest of her family. We are going to visit them tonight. Also, the day of the baptism was also special for another reason. It was Elder Wendel's Birthday! Yay! Oh, that reminds me, I'm sorry to say it, but I keep forgetting to tell you guys ...  I started speaking English again ...  It all started after Christmas, and got worse and worse. I have got to redefine my goal, as not speaking in your native tongue is very difficult. I still try and speak Portuguese when I can, and always pray in Portuguese (I actually have lots of difficulties praying in English now, ha).  I know that sometimes we can set goals and we wont always be able to complete them, but we all can do our best, and see what it is that we can do better, and what goals are truly best for us. We should always try and ask for the Lords counsel in our goals. A failed goal isn't a "Failure," its a way to improve. Do your best, and always make realistic goals that stretch yourself. I know that all things are truly possible with the Lord. We should always try to do things that Improve our character. An important thing that we need to remember is the basics. The basics are what truly builds up the Kingdom of God. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple.  We all need to do all of the steps, and most important, the last step. "Perserverar até o fim." Or endure to the end. This is the one thing we all need to be accounted for. A good scripture is 2 Nephi 31:19-20.  I love you guys, and have a great week.

PS: They do indeed celebrate Easter here. I guess its pretty big too. Its called Pascoa.  But it means Pass Over. They do have huge chocolate eggs and thats the huge celebration here is with chocolate eggs. They have the Easter bunny too. I was in the CTM last year, so I couldn't see what it really was like, but I hear that its good.


Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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