Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

 My District!
 My Parrot!
Could it be?  I dunno ... is it dad, you would know? Ha.

Another week is already past? Craziness. Ha. As for the government of Brazil, I'm pretty sure it's one president with state governors too. All Brazilians are required to vote here, and that will be happening sometime late this year. We'll see how that goes, I just know that all of the Brazilian missionaries still need to go and vote at a place. And yes Dad, I saw the big huge sign in Pilar do Sul when I went there, its pretty cool. So, we have a baptism marked for this Saturday with Leticia, and we are all really excited. It will be good to have a baptism in this area since its been a while. She is really excited, and I think it'll be a big help to her family. Keti is doing well, and we just need to talk to her about completing the Law of Chastity, and that's all that is left, since she has changed her life a lot already. Viviane, the wife of Atiade, came to church on Sunday, though this Sunday was crazy. All of the youth and leaders went to a camp, so there were about 30 people there total, including our investigators. But anyways, Viviane liked it, and we'll have to talk more with her, and teach the whole family. They are really cool, and great people. Their kids are all 5 years apart, Agatha 13, Matheus 8, and Nathalia 3. This week, we have a lot of compromissios fall, but its still been going good. Its Carnival here, though we can hardly tell. It didn't really change much. The official Holiday isn't until tomorrow, so we'll see, but Carnival isn't really big out here at all. Most the people here left town, but otherwise, its a normal week. As for listening to the Spirit and recognizing the Spirit  --  I would recommend "Preach My Gospel," chapter 4. Ha. But truly I think its really important, that if you feel you should do something, and if its something good, then do it. Truly every good thing is from God. There are many scriptures on the Spirit, and though the Spirit is manifest different for all people, we all should strive to do what we can, and do what we feel if it is right. Sorry, I am running out of time, but also, look us Moroni 10:6. Truly all good things testify of Christ, and all good things are of Christ. I love you all and Hope you have a great week.

Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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