Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 24, 2011

First of all, no pictures last week, because my adapter broke, and is still broken. "Que freak," Eh? Ill work on that, because I hate not sending pictures, I have plenty to send. Otherwise, things are going good here in Brazil. There are two other Americans in my Zone, and one Brazilian that speaks really good english, but aside from that, the others know some words and phrases. They do have a primary program here, but I don't know much about it. Childrens Day is similar to mothers day, or fathers day, but its for the children. Good holiday eh? And the talent show went well, I enjoyed it and had a good time. One of the Sisters sang a song, but the rest of us missionaries just watched. We have festivals here, like the one we had in July, but it is a Brazilian holiday. I hear that Halloween really isn't celebrated here, so well see. But yes, I remember being Oscar. Ha. Good times. I don't know when I can go to the temple next, the Elders out here don't get to go, so I have to wait till I'm transferred. We are about 2 hours from the Temple and the Mission office. I bought myself a Hammock, or a "Rede" for Christmas and my Birhtday. Ha. Its really sweet. Ill send photos when I can. We had one investigator come to the talent show, but she left before it started when some of the youth left too. We haven't been to a council meeting yet, the Bispo just changed, and well see when the next one is, I'm sure well go. And I'm pretty sure that our ward has temple groups that go every once and a while. It might be once a month, I'm not sure. So, I had no Idea that Robert was so famous here. He did almost all the art in the town, craziness. Ill send a photo when I can to show what I mean. Ha. This week, I was almost bitten by a dog, but my companion chased it off with an umbrella. Also, a dog followed Elder Lopez and I for a really long time. It came to the church, and waited outside during our meeting. We went and took some food and gave it to it a ways away from the church and ran back, but right when we were about back to the church here comes this dog, and its super skinny too. It didn't leave us until we went into a store. It really liked Elder Lopez, who I had another division with him and that went well. As for David, he didn't make it to church again, so we talked to him, and he still wants to, he just wasn't at home, and was off somewhere Saturday night and didn't get back until Sunday afternoon. We don't think he'll be baptised this week, but we'll work with him. Anderson didn't come to church, but we did teach his Mom too, which went well. We've got to keep visiting them. I was reading a scripture in my study this week, that stood out to me. Its Mosiah 4:11-12. We as humans, are nothing. Everyone of us is great in the eyes of God, but we truly are nothing in comparison to him. God created us, and loves us so much. We should pray and talk to God everyday. He is our Father in Heaven. When we pray to him everyday, and do our best to follow Him and what He asks of us, we will have joy and blessings. The happiest and person is one that is keeping the commandments of God. Every rule is given to protect us. I love you all, and hope that we all strive to have the best relationship we can with our Father in Heaven.
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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