Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

1. Family Night with David and his Family.
2. We are supercool. Ha. (my Companion and I)
3. Jesus Cristo,

Wow, another week passes. Opa! That's crazy news from back home, with Kat and Reese, and with Nelson. And I remember Brother Spencer, he always rode with the Salmons. The Rapaz that we are working with for Baptism, is for the 29th, the Saturday, and his name is
 David. He is awesome, he went to Church, and didn't want to separate from us to go with the other youth, but then at the end of church, he said, "whats next" and seemed to really like it. That was awesome. His cousin, Gabriel, didn't come to church, and we are going to talk to him tonight about everything. They do have waffle irons here actually, but they are different. More for grilled cheese, but it would work somewhat I think, we made pancakes that way once. Now for more about David. He lives with his Grandma, and his Grandma loves the church and is all for him going, and we talked to his mom, and she wants him to go to, she thinks it will make him much better. We are hoping that the example of David will affect all his family, as he also has younger siblings and cousins. I think that the culture is more relaxed here, depending on the church of the head of the home. Sometimes it could be difficult. And more and more Missionaries are joining the Ranks, that's super exciting. Wish them the best for me. And the chess set sounds pretty awesome. So I heard some very sad news, Steve Jobs has died. Even the people here in Brazil are talking about it. Before I continue more, I need to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER! So this week has been another week of missionary life. I am called "Super Capitão Paxman" here, and lots of people say I look like a Super Hero. Ha. And several people are impressed with my voice. Several kids at a place we go and visit always ask me what time it is all the time, just so that I can say it in "my voice." So this week, I was looking for a scripture, and I came across Mosiah 17:20. Its when Abinidi dies because he will not break the commandments. Truly the Lord gave us the commandments for our good, and he loves each and everyone of us. We all should strive to be more like Abinidi in keeping the commandments. We aren't asked to die, but we should at least stand up for what is right when something comes our way. Don't just "hide and sneak  out" of a situation, but always be willing to take a stand for what is right. We never stand alone, when you stand with God, you stand among many, whether seen or not. I love you all, and wish you a great week. 
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman

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