Monday, September 26, 2011

September 19, 2011

About the pictures...
1. Burning tie!
2. Elder Candland Truffles in the making
3. Pancakes and... Carmel?
5. Minha Área!
6. Burning Tie! Doce!

Wow, time seriously flies by. Its so weird, I will never cease to be amazed. So yes, I indeed already have 6 months on the mission, and I burnt two ties, one I made, and one my companion gave me to burn. That was an adventure. Also, with six months I have a goal of speaking no more english, and that has been going well. We have transfers this week, and we will find out tonight what changes will happen. Transfers came really fast, who boy. I also had many many cooking adventures, and I made the altogether famous "Elder Candland Truffles." Those were good, and though they were ugly, they tasted great. Just like our PanCAKE. I guess I'm lucky that the looks don't affect the taste to much. Ha. I tried to make pancakes, and they were ugly too, but good, and I made Caramel on accident, but that was good too. I was trying to make Elder Candlands Caramel Syrup. Yes, he is quite the cook, and I try. Ha. I also had the fun experience of an elevator breaking down and getting stuck inside. Sadly I wasn't able to craw out or say I was stuck for hours, because it ended up being only five minutes or so, and they opened the door, and It was almost in the right spot anyway. Willins is doing awesome, and he is being taught by the ward missionaries and is really enthusiastic in the church. We are working with a couple that the man is an inactive member and the lady that is living with him is really interested. They want to get married and they are trying to do that, and are progressing along. So this week, I went on a division with Elder Nobre, which turned out to be a really spiritual experience for me. Always seek to follow the Spirit. So this week, a scripture that I choose is very famous, and really has a lot to do with last weeks scripture as well. It is John 14:15. Its a concept so simple that so many of us overlook it. If we truly love God we will do what he asks us to do without question. We need to always be willing to do Gods will. We cant just choose the rules and commandments we need to follow, we need to follow all of them. We need to show our love for our Creator, the one who gave us life and grants us to live each day. I love you all and wish you a good week.
Elder Tanner Ross Paxman
PS. Add to my letter that the mail system here is in Strike. Things may take a while to mail. Love you guys.

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